Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Wreath

Last night I was so excited to stop by the Dollar Store, not because my daughter was so excited to use her allowance for some fun, cheap, toys but because I was excited to make my Easter wreath. I was so excited to find the wreath, some spanish moss, and pastel speckled eggs. I could hardly wait to start putting it together this morning.

As soon as breakfast was finished, and while I was still in my jammies, I started creating my wreath. I have never worked with spanish moss before (if I had I might not have been so excited) and didn't realize how messy it was. I did start out with newspaper undereath my work area, but the moss didn't "stick" to my wreath very well, not even with tons of hot glue. Finally though, I was able to get enough moss to stick to the wreath to add the eggs. The eggs also had a hard sticky to the moss as well. I finally got it attached to my door hanger and now have something Easter/Spring-y on my front door. However, I am not happy with the wreath. I saw one on a blog somewhere that was so cute. It was so bright and fun. I am thinking I might have to ditch this wreath and recreate another. Anyways, here's my first attempt at an Easter Wreath :)

Up Next: Take 2 of an Easter Wreath


  1. Maybe a little stuffed bunny with a bow added! It is really cute!