Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow

Today for our craft project we made rainbows. We just hand sketched a rainbow with clouds and cut out. Then glued on stretched out cotton balls for clouds. Next, we cut our construction paper into squares and scrunched up, then glued the squares onto paper using Elmers glue. It is one of those fun and easy projects that doesn't take a whole lot of supplies, but adds some fun to your walls, windows, or doors. Next to this rainbow, is our pot of gold. It was another easy fun project. I just cut a toilet paper tube into 3 equal parts. (then decided to trim it down a little to look a little more like a pot.) Next, I cut out a strip of black construction paper the same size as the tube and glued the paper onto the tube. Then I traced the bottom of the tube onto the black paper and cut out the circle and glued onto the bottom of the tube. While that was drying, I took my lovely helpers outside to help me gather up some small rocks. Then we spread out the newspaper and pulled out my leftover gold spraypaint (from the giant snowflakes made from popsicle sticks we made back in December) and sprayed our rocks gold. After they were finished drying, we added the "gold" to our pot.
And just for fun, we posed our "wee leprechaun" from last weeks craft project next to it for a fun little scene.

I have a small shelf on my kitchen wall above my table that I love to use to celebrate holidays. Each month, I usually change out all the decorations for whatever holiday is coming up. It's so fun to see all the fun crafts and projects we have done the past couple of years displayed on our shelf. (There are some things that I have purchased to decorate as well. )
So here it is, my St. Patrick's day shelf. I think it's pretty cute. Although in the picture you can't see our "Wee Leprechauns" very well, but I think the girls have done a great job!


  1. That shelf makes me smile. It so reminds me of the mantel above Mom's fireplace that she faithfully decorates every month with a different theme. It's one more reason why you are your Mother's daughter. 8)

  2. LOL!!! I'm glad you thought of Mom because I am the one who "inspired" Mom to decorate her mantel every month ;)